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Need guidance finding a software solution to your problem? ITWorks provides unique expertise in mapping real-life business processes into software applications. Together we can build valuable solutions to your problems that speeds transformation, reduces cost and increases flexibility.

• Automation
• Server Monitoring &
• IT Infrastructure Setup
• Upgrade & Migration
• Big Data & Analytics


ITWorks helps businesses and institutions build web applications using secure, scalable and reliable technologies. We promote practical solutions of any level and complexity, intelligent designs and good architecture , so that our customers get a fine product of engineering adjusted to their needs.

• Web Development
• Mobile Development
• Crafted Solutions
• Cloud App Development
• Security Consulting
• Maintaining IT system
• Solving problems


ITWorks has the experts to deliver cost-effective, reliable and maintainable software. We can add manpower to an existing project or manage one from start-to-finish. We have been working in many industries but our most successful projects consist in:

• Government
• Finance Services &
• Manufacturing
• Professional Services
• Retail

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ITWorks is a Balkan software consulting and development company, established in 2015. We are a team of software consultants, engineers and developers who are passionate about our craft. We do believe in a highly skilled team of engineers passionate in developing innovative ideas in software solutions who are capable of providing extraordinary solutions to extraordinary problems of your digital transformation strategies.

Our drive is collaboration and team spirit. ITWorks team power based on result oriented approach, clear goals, trust through open communication and team dedication in everything that we do. Currently we count numerous happy customers, from various industries including financial services, insurance, professional services, retail, logistics, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, food safety, etc.

"Its founder, Vangjel Stavro, has been in love with Computer Science ever since. He holds a Master degree in Engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK. One of his work's greatest achievements is architected and implemented a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for the Institute of Food Safety and Veterinary (ISUV) in Albania based on the technologies Django, Python and PostgreSQL.


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Our mission is being your right hand of digital transformation where technology experts are inspired to create.


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Developing software innovations to inspire Business and creating a new future by changing the business landscape.


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Reliability, Passion, Quality, Flexibility
Make customer success a top priority
Act with integrity and never stop improving

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ITWorks has the experts to deliver cost-effective and maintable software. We can add manpower to an existing project or manage one from start-to-finish

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We promote practical solutions, intelligent designs and good architecture, so that our costumer get a fine product of engineering adjust to their needs

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“ITWorks built our internal service management system and since then has never left our side as a trusted software partner.
Armand Agolli / Co-Founder ATOM Computers shpk”

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